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Feđa Štukan

Blank (engleski jezik)


Life is full of ups and downs but few people have experienced them quite as extremely as Fedja Stukan. This autobiography describes the lows of front line fighting in the Bosnian War, heroin addiction, and a spell in a lunatic asylum to the dizzy heights of A-list Hollywood movie making and political activism to the point of effectively holding his own government hostage. The true story is told at times in vividly shocking detail but often with a very Balkan dark sense of humor. It is a fight for honesty and justice. As one reader commented, it is simply, “A story of life and death, politics and faith, hatred and love”. In its original Bosnian language, BLANK became a local bestseller and is already into its fourth print run.

“The narrative style of BLANK resembles a volcanic eruption as if the protagonist is throwing glowing lava onto the surface of the paper, presenting the reader with vivid and bitter images that alternate as film shots or comic book illustrations… It is a distinctive and authentic voice, which tells us about the 1990s and post-war decades from an unprecedented perspective, a voice that JD Salinger's Holden Caulfield might have used if he had been from the Balkans and had been a drug addict.” Nikola Leskovar, Lupiga News, Croatia

“BLANK is a book read in one breath. It is a bare-hearted account of the political social and human demise of war and post-war Bosnia. It is the most sincere piece I have read in many years.” Fedja Isovic, Goodreads

“The craziest thing I ever read!” Brad Pitt

” So real I can smell it…” Angelina Jolie

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